About Us

Who We Are

Kathy’s Kids Foundation (KKF) was founded by her sons in 2013 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to help support local families who are caring for a family member suffering from a critical illness, more specifically related to cancer diagnosis’.

After beating her first diagnosis in 2003, we lost Kathy to stage IV breast cancer after a four-year battle in January 2013. As a family, we knew that we needed to honor our mother by keeping her spirit of selflessness and generosity alive. Our mother spent much of her adult life helping others, whether it was at work where she was an RN, in the community where she helped run the local Pop Warner football league or at home where she raised five crazy boys. When our mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer, families lined up at our door providing hot cooked meals and/or offering to drive one of the brothers (Kathy’s Kids) to a practice. The warmth and support we received from others was held close to our hearts. We knew that we needed to help provide support to local families experiencing a similar situation, the same way others did for us during the loss of our mother.

What We Do

Annually, KKF raises money by hosting several seasonal events, including a golf outing, basketball league and/or cornhole tournament, allowing the foundation to further support local families in need. We primarily provide donations during and after the holiday season to relieve families of the financial burden they may be experiencing and to help preserve the family’s holiday by focusing more on enjoying each other. Since its founding, KKF has assisted more than 30 families and has donated more than $115,000. Kathy’s Kids Foundation is fortunate to state it has and is growing year-over-year, both in donations distributed to families in need and overall awareness.

The help we will provide will be unique to each beneficiary of our fundraising, but some of the ideas we have in mind are: paying for children of the affected to play in sports programs, send a family on an otherwise unaffordable vacation, pay for home improvements or durable medical equipment that make daily living activities easier, covering a month or two of a mortgage or car payment that a family is behind on, helping with the costs of college education, and the list can go on and on. We are going to make a direct and meaningful impact in our beneficiaries lives, because we know how hard this struggle can be on a family.

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